Fisher Elementary Launches it first Three and Me Project

Fisher Elementary Launches it first Three and Me Project

Congratulations to the R4K Program at Fisher Elementary, Central Valley School District for launching its first Three and Me project on March 20, 2024! For some families and children, this experience is not new. For others, it’s their very first time entering the school building.   

This project is derived from the highly successful Look at Me I’m Three project that was created and implemented in collaboration with R4K at Camden Elementary in the Fall of 2022. Families with 3-year-olds residing in these two districts visit the elementary school once a month to build skills that will benefit them as they enter Pre-K the following year. The impacts are huge:

Mindfulness activities assist the children with self-regulation, increased focus, following directions, and calming them down. Breathing exercises are taught and encouraged for use at home.

Story Time engages their listening skills and builds their interests, and helps them understand routines and order.

Craft Time relates to the story they just listened to and allows them to work on their fine and gross motor skills.

Snack Time and Play Time encourage social and emotional development, transitional skills, building connections with each other, and meeting new friends.

The parents are learning the expectations and building connections with the school and with each other.

The R4K Family School Navigator leads the sessions and can share all the pertinent school information and child development milestones with the parents.

Already Fisher Elementary has seen an increase in the Pre-K registrations, and, more importantly, less behavioral challenges in the four-year-olds entering school that had previously attended the 3-year-old programs. The teachers and the districts very much appreciate these impacts!

If you would like more information about bringing this program into your school district, reach out to Robin Robinson at

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